Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept CAPS?

A: No, we aren't currently enrolled in the CAPS Program.

Q: What is the student to staff ratio?

A: The ratio is 10:1.

Q: What is the sibling discount?

A: The discount is $5 off the second child. 

Q: What days are weekly payments due?

A: Weekly payments are due on Monday.

Q: How many days constitute a week?

A: Three days = 1 week.

Q: Are you open when schools are closed?

A: Yes, we are open most student holidays. Please verify via phone call or email; a minimum of 10 students is required to host a day camp.

Q: Does the weekly program fee include on-site vendor programs?

A: No, generally they are separate.

Q: Will my child's homework be completed and checked for accuracy?

A: Yes, the homework given to us by your child will be completed during their time it the program.*

*We do not guarantee 100% accuracy as your child is encouraged to work independently while being assisted.

Q: What if my child's school is close, but isn't on your pickup list?

A: Check with our office manager. We may be able to accommodate. 

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: There are no refunds on program payments.

Q: What is your discipline policy?

A: Please take a look at our Facility Policy Manual.

Q: If I participate in more than one IBALL program, do I receive a discount?

A: Only in some cases are some cross-program discounts available.