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Our Story

Coach Dwynell Mitchell, the visionary of I Beat A.L.L. Inc., has had a passion for the game of basketball since he was a child growing up in the inner city of Detroit.  He has studied and played in the field from elementary through college.  Upon migration to Georgia, Coach Mitchell earned his degree from Valdosta State University and began playing in adult leagues while working in various media outlets such as Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Images of Us magazine and People TV.  He developed the philosophy that any great player must first learn fundamentals, have self discipline and a true love of the game in order to be successful.  

In August 2008, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (A.L.L.).  As partners, he and his wife Ketrina dealt with the cancer with aggressive chemotherapy, prayer and faith.  By God's grace, Coach Mitchell went into  total remission! Wanting to use their strengths and talents to support youth, they birthed the non profit organization in 2009 and became a 501 c3 in 2010.  Coach Mitchell started his coaching career at Landmark Christian School and then moved on to  Whitewater Middle School teaching and coaching. 

Together, they formed an unbeatable husband and wife team.  Through positive mentoring, education, enrichment programs and recreational sports programs, they offer youth in the community a positive outlet to explore, while focusing on overall physical, mental and spiritual health.  Although Coach Mitchell suffered a relapse July 2016, his faith and determination  had not wavered and   he operated on strong unmatched faith every day! Even after his untimely passing in 2018, he lives on through a powerful legacy that will last forever.  

Our Coaches
and Board


Keith Jordan

Warren Cleveland

Jasmon Covington

"JB" Jarrell Blalock

Jazz DBA Academy

Board Members:

Martina Carter

Sharonda Christopher 

Janice Jones ATTY.

Maya Cleveland

William Young

Katrice clopton

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